Our wedding party

Our friends really are like a second family to us. They are incredibly important and special to us and we're so thankful to have such amazing people stand by us as we start this great journey!

Sara's attendants
  • Melissa Harris, Maid Of Honor
  • Stefani Reid, Bridesmaid
  • Haley Gleason, Bridesmaid
  • Ashleigh Greenwood, Bridesmaid
  • Katie Marchetti, Bridesmaid
  • Juanita Smith, Bridesmaid
Simon's attendants
  • Dave Fascitelli, Best Man
  • Lonnie Hearne, Groomsman
  • Joe Hodnett, Groomsman
  • Dave Deibler, Groomsman
  • Jim Leonard, Groomsman
  • Mike Miltner, Groomsman
  • Daniel Clark, Groomsman
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